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What's Our Mission?

MediRoutes is industry-leading, affordable and easy to use software for the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) market. Using the latest cloud technologies with customer-driven innovation and excellent support, MediRoutes empowers transportation providers and brokers to be efficient. MediRoutes enables NEMT providers to grow their business and offer excellent service to the riding public.

At left, you'll find an overview of how our MediRoutes software works. This video is under 9 minutes and will answer many questions you may have about our NEMT software. Please be sure your audio is turned on. For a Spanish version of this video, please click here. To schedule a more in depth demonstration of our software and full capabilities, please click the button below:

Core Features

Core features included in all plans.


  • MediRoutes displays driver's manifest on a smartphone. Real-time updates to the drivers and the dispatchers show where the drivers are at all times. In addition, the GPS coordinates and time stamps of each pick up and drop off, with the passenger's signature captured at the time of service, helps everyone to stay on track.

24/7 Support

We offer phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The ability to directly contact our support team helps you maximize uptime, lower support costs, and boost IT productivity by reducing time spent troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Cloud Service

  • With MediRoutes, there are no servers to buy and maintain. Be up and running in days - not months - and access Schedule Viewer anytime and from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

Brokerage Imports

Save time and data entry. Your trip requests are imported directly into MediRoutes, making them ready to be scheduled, dispatched, and performed.