Driver Mobile Application

The advent of the mobile device along with the build-out of cellular data networks is revolutionizing all businesses that have a mobile work-force. The Schedule Viewer driver mobile application takes advantage of this technological revolution with an easy-to-use and understand mobile application that drivers love. Schedule Viewer Mobile provides a real-time manifest, two-way messaging, GPS tracking, map visualization, routed directions and turn-by-turn directions, and a “Tomorrow” function. It’s everything that a costly in-vehicle Mobile Data Terminal provides, at a fraction of the cost.


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  • Real-Time Manifest – Both driver and dispatch see changes to schedules in real-time. The driver receives alerts on the mobile device as schedule changes occur. Schedule changes include add-ons, cancellations or changes to the order of pickup and drop-off events. Dispatch sees the status of events change as they go from “scheduled” to “arrived” to “performed.” Special “Cancel At Door,” and “Cancel No Show” statuses allow dispatch to acknowledge and confirm driver cancels, thereby mitigating missed trips due to miscommunication.
  • Two-Way Messaging – Drivers can send messages to dispatch and dispatch can send messages to drivers. The acknowledgement of messages is tracked and displayed for both dispatch and driver, eliminating the uncertainty of whether or not the driver received a message. Dispatch can send messages to one or multiple vehicles at once.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking – GPS coordinates and heading information are transferred every minute and are accessible from dispatch. Historical GPS data is available indefinitely.
  • Routed Directions and Turn-by-Turn Directions – Both route map display and textual turn-by-turn directions are available to the driver, plotting the current location to the destination.
  • Tomorrow Function – Special “Tomorrow” function allows the driver to see information for the first pickup event of the next day, helping to ensure correct “pull-out” times.
  • Time Keeping Module – Timekeeping incorporates typical time clock features into the daily workflow of drivers, eliminating the need to punch a clock at an office or base location. As part of the daily workflow, the driver will begin and end their shift right on their mobile device. At the end of the day, the system will confirm shift hours for the driver. Information is displayed in the MediRoutes Desktop application for managers, as well as in a web-based reporting site, which will display both a summary and detailed data, such as shift hours and breaks.