The MediRoutes application is a cloud-based software used with mobile device technologies to offer optimal scheduling, booking, dispatch and billing services for Non-Emergency Transportation Providers. Using these state-of-the-art tools, MediRoutes offers easy online call taking – either trip booking through the import of brokerage trips or direct entry of on-demand trips. Reservations for Recurring trips, also known as Calendar or Subscription trips, are also supported.

MediRoutes offers optimized scheduling – taking into account the patient requirements (ambulatory, wheel chair, or stretcher needs) and appointment time, the transport vehicle’s capacity, the drive time, and funding source requirements or limitations.

MediRoutes provides real-time dispatching and sends the driver’s manifest to driver’s phones with the GPS location of each vehicle and the driving time and distance to scheduled pickups and drop offs. Real-time updates to the drivers and the dispatchers show where the drivers are at all times. In addition, the GPS coordinates and time stamps of each pick up and drop off, with the passenger’s signature captured at the time of service, helps everyone stay on track.

MediRoutes offers automated billing data and trip reporting, all delivered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This web-based application means there are no client/server applications to purchase and maintain.

While using the MediRoutes application to provide a quality experience to their clients at an affordable cost to their business, our providers have mentioned the following:

  1. Using the MediRoutes application and security overlays assists our clients’ businesses in being HIPPA compliant. It does so by taking a paper-driven business and converting it to a paperless environment, from point of service all the way to billing.
  2. Using MediRoutes’ solutions helps prevent potential fraud. Our providers can document the date and time of service by the time & GPS location at the point of care. MediRoutes takes that documentation a step further by capturing the patient’s signature electronically right at the time of service. Medicare fraud and abuse is a problem everywhere and MediRoutes offers a solution to providers and payers.
  3. MediRoutes reduced one customer’s AR aging from over 45 days to less than 21 days. Our client was able to create faster and better documented billing by using our application’s software. Instead of taking 30 days from the time of service using a paper system, our clients are able to properly invoice the next day.
  4. Using MediRoutes helps to increase employee morale for both drivers and office workers by providing a more relaxed, less stressful work environment.

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